Join HPN in our "Feed the Front" initiative to support local business & front line health workers

As a neighborhood based organization one of the main reasons for Horner Park Neighbors to exist is to support those in our community when it's most needed. In what is an unprecedented time we want to do our part to give thanks and contribute in ways that are helpful so we are collecting funds to provide meals to front line healthcare workers from some of your neighborhood favorite spots. This obviously serves two purposes of nourishing the people doing the hard work to keep us all healthy, and doing our best to keep our beloved businesses around for when this all goes away. We all know that giving a small donation can feel like a drop in the bucket so this is a way to give in a larger collective way

We will initially be donating our funds to the Swedish Hospital-Meals for Staff Program. Depending upon how long the need remains and how much we raise we may expand to other programs.

HPN will be making a donation from our coffers and will add in whatever money we collect to this fund. 100% of the money collected will go to this effort. If you have any questions or suggestions send us an email at