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Horner Park Neighbors is an inclusive community and therefore want anyone to join in our activities whether they are paid members or not. For those who can afford to chip in, by paying a small fee you are allowing us to provide more and better service to you and your neighbors. All of our board members and committee members are 100% volunteer so any money we collect goes straight to the organization and our causes.

   An annual $25* membership per household lets us:   

  • Host regular events (Block Party, Summer Party, family activities, trivia nights and more...)

  • Host smaller member-only events at neighbors houses and local establishments

  • Sponsor our local schools and other community groups

  • Support local businesses with purchases and promotions

  • Initiatives to encourage new business in the neighborhood

  • Cover costs for printing flyers and other communications

  • Maintain this website and other digital channels

  • Beautify the neighborhood with regular clean-ups and ash tree initiatives

   Future benefits may include:  

  • Host more and better events

  • Member only discounts at local businesses

  • Branded banners on light poles throughout the neighborhood

  • More financial support to neighborhood students and others in need

  • What else would you like to see? Let us know.

*If paying by credit card or PayPal we ask you to add one dollar to the cost to cover fees.

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