Membership for 2021

As a thank you to the community if you join or re-join by Feb. 06, 2021 you will be entered to win a local business gift card.

 Support Your Community:  

As a supporter of Horner Park Neighbors in 2020, your commitment and passion furthered our presence in the immediate community and extended our reach beyond our geographical borders. From Bateman Elementary, to the Chicago River with a completed nature walk, and finally into the expansion of the Horner Park Dog Park,   your support of Horner Park Neighbors (HPN) has improved the quality of life in our neighborhood.  

To say that 2020 was a challenge is an understatement but the engagement of our community has proven to be an ever growing bright spot in our lives.


 2020 Accomplishments

  • Provided a $1200 donation to the Irving Park Food Pantry

  • Purchased and delivered meals from local restaurants through "Feed the Frontline" for our hard-working medical staff at Swedish Covenant Hospital during the initial phase of COVID-19

  • Participated in North River Commissions Save-your-Ash Initiative that raised over $4000 and provided inoculation for 3 years against the Emerald Ash Borer for just over 50% of the trees in our neighborhood

  • Sponsored fundraisers at our local elementary and high school (Bateman and Roosevelt)

  • Showed our support for our local school and teachers with a covid-friendly Chalk-the-Walk event at Bateman Elementary School to welcome them to the new school year

  • Extended our good will to our neighbors at Paul’s House during our Thanksgiving Care Campaign through the creation of over 100 hand made letters and cards to disperse to the residents

  • Actively participated in violence prevention discussions with the CPD, the community and Mayor’s office, helping to facilitate a greater commitment for continued expansion of safety protocols for our area

 2021 Goals

  • Actively promote economic development to attract new business to our area

  • Continue supporting current businesses with neighborhood-wide promotion and financial assistance

  • Create new initiatives to support local non-profits and further our community outreach

  • Improve community awareness with improved social media presence and other communication

  • Participate in areas of organization such as Horner Park Advisory Council, North River Commission, 17th District CAPS – Beat 1724, and the 33rd Ward Alderman’s office

  • Foster new and existing initiatives to expand our neighborhood beautification goals

  • Promote HPN to increase membership

  • Increase engagement by enlisting interested members of the community to committees

  • Resume social outings and activities as it becomes safe again

Membership in HPN is currently $25.00/year per household. This small amount allows us to work towards all of the above while also covering the nominal costs of our website and other administrative needs. If you're ready to join, or re-join, visit this link. Remember if you sign-up for 2021 membership by Feb 06, 2021 you'll be entered to win a local business gift card courtesy of Horner Park Neighbors.

If you have any questions about the renewal process, or any feedback regarding your experience with HPN, please contact our President Lara Kipphut, at

Thank you for your commitment to HPN in caring for the future of our neighborhood, and for your support during this unusual time.  

Best Wishes for a safe and healthy 2021,

Horner Park Neighbors